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Located in Porto de Pedras, on the northern coast of Alagoas, on the Rota Ecológica dos Milagres, the Pedras do Patacho Hotel features spaces that connect and generate sensations.

We provide unique and unforgettable memories to our guests, through the delivery of exclusive sensory experiences.

Our pillars are based on design, human warmth, gastronomy, sustainability, and social responsibility. We have a strong commitment to the community in which we are embedded.

Imagine three completely distinct scenarios. Starting from an oasis in the northeastern hinterland, moving through a mysterious construction that recaptures a contemplative exoticism of the east, to an alley of high and rustic walls, with its own and mesmerizing landscaping, that leads to a tropical beach of tall coconut trees, with a translucent and warm sea. An unusual gathering of scenarios, promoting a completely distinct whole. This is the basis on which we build personalized stories in our guests, translating our characteristics and peculiarities into their experiences.

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Sophistication, Comfort & Authenticity

Original and sophisticated accommodations, designed to convey an exclusive and intimate story.

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New Ground Floor Suites
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CORTEN Restaurant

The center of the gastronomic experiences at Pedras do Patacho, the Corten Restaurant (named after its steel structures) harmonizes the architectural and provocative vein of the Hotel with a diverse menu, whose gastronomic roots meet local ingredients to create a unique mosaic of flavors.

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