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About Us

A Hotel in the state of Alagoas, by the sea, Pedras do Patacho is the perfect destination for those who value nature and, above all, tranquility. The Hotel has seven types of accommodation, including bungalows overlooking the sea. In addition, it also stands out for its gastronomy and activities offered. Our reviews are always positive, as we strive to provide a memorable stay.

One of the most beautiful beaches on the Northeast of Brazil.

Located in the municipality of Porto de Pedras, in a zone called the Alagoas Ecological Route, Patacho beach is considered paradisiacal for having kilometers of desert beaches and delicately charming tourism. It is the ideal destination for those seeking rest and tranquility.

Design, architecture + hospitality

Pedras do Patacho was born from three main pillars based on our partners and creators Luciano Caribé, a Lawyer focused on Business Law, and Thiago Monteiro, architect, and entrepreneur in charge of HAUT Incorporadora Design:Striking architecture integrated into a paradisiacal landscape;

  • Striking architecture integrated into a paradisiacal landscape;
  • Unforgettable cuisine and impeccable service;
  • An enterprise that provides unique experiences to guests.

Adding knowledge in people management and the luxury market to the experiences cultivated over the years in the international hotel industry, both conceived a Business that went beyond their expectations. As Luciano concludes, "Hospitality is the valued way in which we treat our guests. It is felt in the small details that transform a guest's ordinary visit into an extraordinary stay”.

Gastronomy Pedras do Patacho

A traveler, curious and experienced in Japanese cuisine, Biba Fernandes fell in love with Peruvian cuisine when she visited the restaurant Wanchako (Maceió), owned by chef Simone Bert. In 2007, he signed a consultancy with Simone to specialize in the preparation of Andean delicacies. After seven months of living daily in the professional's kitchen, Biba decided to open Chiwake, the first Peruvian restaurant in Pernambuco and the second in Brazil. After seven years of working with Peruvian cuisine in the North Zone of Recife, the chef opened the Chicama restaurant, in the South Zone of the city. Now almost three years old, the house follows the same line as Chiwake's Nikkei cuisine, with some novelties in cebiches, tiraditos, spices, and contemporary drinks.

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