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Pedras do Patacho aims to stimulate sensorial experiences and stimulate all the senses, in a combination of authorial flavors.

The hotel’s unique and inspiring architecture, captivating and provocative, makes the guest be impacted by design and creates well-reserved environments. Guests are encouraged to live intensely in these spaces in an intimate dialogue with gastronomy, as it is possible to dine in several of these reserved corners and with a private and exclusive staff for each guest to feel unique. The intention is that the guest is provided with immersion to allow themselves to integrate into the environment. A rare pleasure, in an aura of unique sensations!


Gastronomy in Patacho is an inseparable part of the experience. That's why dining on the beach, with your feet in the sand, is a sublime luxury. It announces that there is something special there that deserves to be discovered.

The perfect scene to taste the delicacies of the Corten restaurant or simply order snacks and appetizers. During the day, the tone is more tropical, with flowers and foliage decoration. Perfect for enjoying the beach and the view of the ocean or breathtaking sunsets. At night, in an intimate atmosphere and by candlelight, our chef's delicacies provide the elements for a romantic dinner. Experience to surprise. 

In the direction of global gastronomic talent and trends, the Corten Restaurant is the gastronomic heart of the hotel. It was designed for guests to live an exclusive and complete experience.

At the head of the restaurant's menu, is the renowned chef, Biba Fernandes, from Chiwake and Chicama in Recife-PE, and in the execution of the same, his disciple Chef Repolho. Its expertise in Japanese and Peruvian cuisine allows for a sensory experience that lets the vibrancy of Peruvian cuisine flow through, combined with the precision and refinements of Japanese cuisine. The keynote is the fusion of Brazil – Peru flavors, especially that of the northeastern terroir, in a perfect harmonization of regional flavors.

The special attention to local ingredients guarantees the freshness of creations, particularly those based on seafood, which combines local ingredients and regional fruits, such as pitanga, coconut, coriander, with Andean techniques and ingredients such as ginger, Leche de Tigre, peppers.

Every whim is also revealed in the decoration of the dishes, in the handmade ceramics, made by the designers of Cerâmica do Cabo, in the dishes made of reforestation wood or those made by local artisans.

The result is the creation of its DNA, in a unique authorial cuisine, which involves the guest in delicacy and exotic flavors.


Unique details make everything more special! Guests are pampered with breakfast in the pool of their bungalow and can start enjoying the scenery from the early hours of the morning. A true tasting menu of regional delights!! Exclusive to each guest! The care and attention given to bread, jams, and yogurts made daily by the hotel's kitchen arrive in a personalized and unique way, along with regional delicacies! Every service is a surprise.


Dining on the rooftop (cover) under the sky of stars with the sea breeze caressing your face will be a unique and engaging experience to allow you to enjoy the unique flavors of the effusive cuisine of the place. An experience that starts with the attribution of a proper name to hospitality. It presupposes generosity and is permeated in the air. And, together with the entire work, they produce an interactive communication, responsible for connecting the guest, albeit intuitively, with the food and the aura of the place. 


Inspired by the stunning beauty of this piece of the Atlantic Ocean, space and style were combined to create comfort and special moments in the environment of the Corten restaurant. Feeling all the freshness of the breeze, in a calm and peaceful place typical of dolce far niente, makes the guest feel in a unique universe, as if they were inside poetry, in a paradise. Favorable for charm and serenity and to create a climate of involvement that enhances gastronomic experiences.

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