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Social Responsibility
& Sustainability

Pedras do Patacho was already conceived to be a vector for the development of the Porto de Pedras community and its destiny. Given this context, since the beginning of its operation, it has been involved with the strategic planning of the destination with the participation of its partner Luciano Caribé as the founder of the Municipal Tourism Council, as a representative of civil society.

In this capacity, Pedras do Patacho participates in the development of the Master Plan, sustainable urbanization projects, and dialogue with the various sectors of Porto de Pedras Tourism, represented by its associations.

This journey of coexistence with the community has established a strong relationship with the artisans of the region and has been contributing to the constitution of the Association of Artisans. He gave them a space in Pedras do Patacho, opening a permanent museum to exhibit their works, where he set up the Café Galeria dos Artesãos. Following its purpose, it maintains a constant relationship with the population seeking their well-being and professional development.


Thinking about better protecting the health of our guests, our cuisine follows a natural and sustainable line, which values ​​the organic production of our ingredients. After all, there's nothing like eating products that we plant and harvest ourselves. Therefore, the dishes are produced with a good part of organic food directly from our garden.


Pedras do Patacho has an organic garden that strengthens sustainability and agriculture, respecting the natural cycle without the interference of pesticides.

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