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* All of our rooms accommodate a maximum of 2 people.



    A luxurious and minimalist eucalyptus structure, set between the stars, the sea, and the Hotel’s very original architecture. The cozy feeling of the sand at the feet comes as a message in the sense of being immersed in the destination.


    One of the greatest representatives of the aesthetic and architectural spirit of Pedras. A vertical structure of geometric cubes, which surrounds guests with a beautiful garden. A flood of fragrances, the visual intensity of the exclusive and personalized decoration, mixed with the impact of the flavors of the Corten restaurant… The further synesthetic and romantic experience of having dinner, embraced by a candlelight garden.


    The dance of the coconut trees, directed by the baton of the wind, is an innate spectacle on the northeastern coast, which stands out on Patacho beach due to the intense brightness of its ambitiously starry sky. Watching it from a cabin, during a dinner that is not only romantic but gastronomically unique, with a simple and personalized decoration at a level that only your accommodation could have, is an experience whose simplicity is almost incoherent with its grandeur.


    An experience that needs no words. The main meals at the Corten restaurant, are served with your feet in the sand to immerse in Praia do Patacho; feeling the sea breeze, listening to the sound of the waves, and enjoying a soundtrack in harmony with the scenery. Surrender completely to the surroundings, and make yourself full of them.


    For a destination of unusual and impactful experiences, it is advisable that your day’s first, also be one. A breakfast of aesthetic perfection and boldness of flavors; be it on the rustic and elegant boards, or mounted on the beautiful floating tray, made with reforestation wood.


    A romantic dinner even closer to the stars. Live a beautiful and unusual experience in one of the most exclusive spaces in the entire hotel. A privileged 360° view from the highest point of the restaurant, overseeing the Hotel's architecture, the coconut grove, and the beach, naturally makes "O Ninho" one of our most elaborate and contemplative compositions.

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