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Our Foundation

In 2016, Thiago Monteiro and Luciano Caribé, brothers-in-law and co-owners of an area in Praia do Patacho, located on the Rota Ecológica dos Milagres, on the North Coast of Alagoas, with a dream of building a small hotel that represented the best in architecture, responsibility management, people management and delivery of unique experiences, they decided to start the Pedras do Patacho project.

On a 20-day trip together, by train, through the Nordic countries, in the company of his wives, wines, excellent cuisine, and in the cradle of cozy and minimalist architecture, Thiago Monteiro designs the project of what would be the Hotel Pedras do Patacho and not even he imagined at that moment that his project would be awarded a year later with the “Best New Small Hotel Construction & Design AMERICAS” award, from the International Property Awards, one of the biggest awards in the real estate market in the world.

Thiago Monteiro, who graduated in Architecture and Urbanism, with 13 years of experience in the construction/development market, is restless and, therefore, goes to the most unusual places for the relentless search for new ideas and inspirations, aligned with the most innovative and disruptive practices in the markets. more developed. Thus, as a visionary and creative architect, he saw in civil construction the possibility of materializing his ideas. He then founded the construction company and developer HAUT, which has been recognized as one of the most innovative construction companies in the country, and was responsible for the Pedras project.

Luciano Caribé, founding partner and one of the managers of Caribé Advogados, a tax lawyer with over 20 years of experience in the corporate market, took on the challenge of leading the management process of Pedras do Patacho, a hotel that would be built in an ecological reserve, in a place remote and in stark contrast to the world I was used to dealing with.

When they started the construction project, following strict compliance with environmental regulations, Luciano found himself in love with the people who live in Porto de Pedras, a small municipality of 8 thousand inhabitants, and thus followed the purpose of developing and empowering the citizens of that community and have Pedras as an example of a socially responsible company connected to the preservation of nature.

Faced with the need for partner Luciano to manage Pedras do Patacho without distancing himself from his career as a lawyer, he hired his entire team locally, and with a spirit of detachment and trusting those professionals, he decided to train and empower them in conducting the operation of the Pedras do Patacho, always staying connected with those professionals, focusing mainly on their development and a culture of well-being, respect and care for guests, for the local community and focusing on details regarding the delivery of an innovative hotel, filled with unique experiences and that converse with nature.

With the strong purpose of being an instrument for the development of the local community, Pedras do Patacho actively participates in the development of local handicrafts and has provided the artisans of Porto de Pedras with a permanent Museum within its facilities, where their works are exhibited.

There are many experiences that this team develops inside the hotel to provide guests with positive feelings, including exclusive dinners on the beach, and in the pools that are on the rooftops of each bungalow, among others. One of the guests' favorites is the contemplation of the sunset on the sand benches, where a comfortable tent is set up, the guests are taken by raft and from there they can contemplate a beautiful sunset with the coconut trees in the background and always having the hotel cuisine available. At this moment, one can see the presence of the tireless Eber, the hotel's manager, who is always available to meet the guests' wishes and is attentive to details.

Focused on the wellness culture, there are found throughout Pedras Pequenas Hortas from where the food that will be produced in his kitchen by Chef Repolho is harvested, and in the gardens, guests can still be treated to the presence of the artisan and gardener Lenilson, who he is always contemplating the fruit of his work with a beautiful and hospitable smile and is always willing to present his guests with small seedlings of plants or some handicraft he has just produced.

Chef Repolho, in addition to divinely leading the cuisine of Pedras, also offers guests a Yoga and meditation class in the late afternoon, which can be accompanied by a massage at the SPA located in the hotel and led by the masseuse Karline. According to one of the guests: “the best massage in the world”.

To close the pillars of the wellness culture, the hotel's surroundings contribute with the calm sound of the sea and the breeze from the coconut trees, guaranteeing guests a peaceful night's sleep.

It is in this context, developing an innovative hotel and empowering its team, that Pedras do Patacho, with only two and a half years of operation, had its work recognized by guests, being elected by TripAdvisor as one of the 15 best inns in Brazil, receiving the 2020 Travelers Choice award.

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Pedras do Patacho

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